Ascendem’s qualified technical team of engineers and technicians provides our clients with a fully satisfying service up to the highest standards and techniques in all fields, we got all the fields covered through our technical services:

In which the desired sites are spotted, leased & accurately surveyed and its cur rent status is recorded, technical & architectural solutions are provided through CAD and finally plotted, also a proper LOS analysis is performed for the A&B end of the candidate option for transmission purpose.

In which the desired sites are examined for their structural safety and suitability for top function performance through all engineering aspects, after which safety repor ts are is sued, we also revise, analyze and carry out safety and stability checks on existing antenna supporting structures incase of future extensions in the networks where the addition of extra antennas might be desired.

Antennae Installation & Azimuth Adjustments Feeders Installation
Cable Entry Glands Installations.

Lighting systems Earthing systems Lightning protection systems Air conditioning system Power system AC/DC Fire detection & fighting system Antenna installation & alignment Equipments installation.
Line Of Sight Services

Finishing works
R.C. works
Access road paving
Repair & Maintenance works
Structural Solutions
Shelter installation
Towers & antenna structures installation

Installation & Erection Works In which the sites to be constructed are prepared for equipments shelter and other antenna supporting structures to be installed, dismantling of any obstacles takes place and after which our full installation & construction services takes over for both CIA, & RF installations.

  • The development and use of effective and user-friendly Operating and Maintenance procedures in process facilities is essential for safe and efficient operations therefore.
  • Group of Ascendem technical experts in the field of GSM network maintenance are ready to Issue effective and user-friendly Operating and Maintenance procedures based on real experience of more than 10 year of handling different types of BTS’s, Transmission equipment’s, power cabinets or modules and civil related activities.

  • Crisis management procedures is essential for reducing revenue losses which mainly taken place due to lack of centralized experience or knowledge of wide range of dependent systems therefore Ascendem group of experts are ready to issue such specific procedures aiming to handle crisis in the most effective manner.

  • Ascendem is committed to perform both corrective and preventive maintenance round the clock and readiness to handle crisis whatever the circumstances.
  • Ascendem qualified teams are always working to get minimum mean time to restore regardless the agreed maintenance matrix.
  • Finding and clearing root cause of defects is our most key factor to deliver distinguished corrective maintenance service.

  • Ascendem provided their teams with the following to deliver optimum service:

Tools, equipment’s, trainings, manuals, software’s,
Spare parts approved maintenance / testing procedures,
Accurate data/plans, on line 2nd line support,
Crisis management procedures, etc.

In-house qualified team.
Works currently undertaken include:
Performing Line of Sight Surveys
Installation and testing of PDH Microwave links (1+1 & 1+0).
Installation and testing of SDH microwave links (1+1 & 1+0).
Installation of Backhauling links.
Antenna installation and alignment (0.3, 0.6,1.2,& 2.4)
Installing RF Cables.
Link upgrade and Downgrade.
Link Optimization.

Ascendem offers High quality RAN services using their

In house qualified team.

Works currently undertaken include:

GSM BTS (900, 1800 & 3G) installation, testing and commissioning.
Installation of Feeders, jumpers and connectors.
2G / 3G antenna installation and alignment.
Site Expansion, upgrade & downgrade.
Site Migration & Routing.
Radio tests (Test calls and Drive test).

Managed Services across technologies
– GSM 2G / 3G, VHF / HF & Transmission.

Range of services
– Installation/Commissioning, upgrade/downgrade, migration, rerouting, surveying, optimization, Testing, Planning, Design, implementation, modification, O&M and Human Outsourcing.

Flexible model
– Day Rate, Fixed price, Project based work.

– Egypt based.

Experience of vendors
– Siae, Ericsson, Huawei & Alcatel.

Operator experience
–Vodafone, Mobinil, Etisalat,

Achieve and maintain a high quality level of the 3G / 2G Radio Network Services, and ensure high quality performance on all technical activities, and the highest possible level of customer satisfaction. Provide effective technical support and continually seek for quality improvements within the Mobile Network Optimization project.
Our candidates have in-depth knowledge of UMTS / GSM Radio access technology and optimization (Optimization) skills and methods such as parameters, KPI’s reporting and configuration. We are categorized as experts in the following, analyses, troubleshoot and optimize (Optimize) the Network Performance from an End to End perspective, identifying potential issues, congestion, network parameters tuning and customer complaints.